Alan Award

Long Live the King's new award for Innovation in Salmon Management and Recovery was presented to the Lummi Nation. "Lummi fishermen have put in place a selective tangle net test fishery for spring Chinook in the Nooksack," said LLTK Board Member Norm Dicks upon presenting the award to Lummi ESA-Coordinator Alan Chapman. "In 2013, the fishery was so successful that the Lummi provided 100% fresh-caught hatchery fish for their First Salmon Ceremony for the first time since Chinook were ESA-listed."

The Innovation Award honors organizations that--with potentially significant political and capital risk--are implementing new approaches to conserve and manage salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. In this inaugural year of the program, LLTK also acknowledges the efforts of the Nisqually Tribe, with an Honorable Mention for their ambitious efforts to integrate hatchery, harvest, and habitat management.

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